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Snackable Active Directory Security: 30 Minutes a Day Keeps the Bad Guys Away

Cleaning up years of AD configuration drift and tech debt can be a daunting task … but not as unpleasant as trying to recover the identity system after a full-blown ransomware or cyberattack. In this webinar, Kriss Stephen (Solutions Architect, Semperis) demonstrates how to use Semperis’ free Purple Knight tool.

Duration: 1 hour

Endpoint Management Strategies for the Modern Workplace

In this session you’ll learn how to transform and modernize your existing endpoint management environment to deliver a superior end-user experience. Insight experts will cover how you can simplify and optimize your IT costs while unifying processes and services across all your devices and improving security.

Duration: 1 hour

Top Tech Trends for IT Leaders That Will Define 2024

Watch this webinar for exclusive insights from our tech experts. We’ll dive deep into their predictions on the key enterprise IT and software development trends that could drive a significant impact for your business.

How to Optimize Microsoft Security to Build a Custom Security Program

This webinar will focus on optimizing your Microsoft Security investments and leveraging advanced cybersecurity to develop a custom security program to fortify your organization against cyberattacks without overtaxing your resources.

Duration: 1 hour

Maximizing ROI: AI-Powered IT Documentation Strategies for Microsoft Environments

In this Tech Talk, Anna Perelyhina, Director of Product at IT Glue, talks with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the complexities of information sprawl and its implications for IT efficiency, security, and decision-making. They explore the tangible benefits of leveraging AI in IT documentation for efficiency gains and boosting overall productivity.

Duration: 1 hour

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption Journey

In this session, we’ll talk about how organizations can adopt a strong cloud migration strategy for improved service levels, enhanced ability to meet workload demands and faster revenue growth. You can move to the managed cloud platform and accelerate your cloud adoption journey with Insight’s workload, data and app migration services.

Duration: 1 hour

Tech Talk: Embracing Generative AI in Security Operations: Improving Efficiency and Consistency

In this live Tech Talk, cybersecurity expert and Senior Director of Detection Enablement at Red Canary, Jimmy Astle, talks to veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the pros and cons of GenAI security and risk management. Join us!

Duration: 11:00 am

Exploring the power of generative AI in cloud observability

Join us for our live webcast on generative AI, featuring Zack Kass, former Head of GTM for OpenAI. Zack will provide an overview of the landscape of AI innovation, followed by a discussion with Dynatrace and Microsoft on the intersection of AI, cloud and observability.

Duration: 1 hour

Navigating Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Complexity: A Smarter Path to Secure Application Delivery

In this live Tech Talk industry expert Andrew Gibson speaks to veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the challenges of providing application access across hybrid/multi-cloud environments and how this can be efficiently streamlined, regardless of the traffic layer or platform.

Duration: 1 hour

Combatting Rogue URL Tricks: How You Can Quickly Identify and Investigate the Latest Phishing Attacks

Join us when Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, shows you how to become a rogue URL expert. He’ll dive deep into the latest techniques and defenses to share.

Duration: 1 hour

Finding the Calm Amidst the Storm: Insights into the Impact of Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMware and Potential Paths Forward

Join industry experts as they analyze the potential impacts of the acquisition on VMware customers, including pricing and packaging changes, shifting support levels and Broadcom’s partner program changes, and product changes due to planned divestments. They will also discuss strategies to mitigate risk, including adopting a dual-vendor virtualization strategy, migrating to a new infrastructure platform, or migrating to the public cloud in case that is your goal.

Duration: 1 hour

Crash Course: Hybrid Workforce Security Summit

Let us help you navigate these issues and more. Join us for this free, three-hour summit where top experts will help you identify the biggest remote work security pitfalls in your organization, and the best ways to mitigate them.

Duration: 3 hours

The Security Dos and Don’ts of BYOD and Endpoint Management

Let us help you navigate these issues and more. Join us for this free, three-hour summit where top experts will help you identify the biggest remote work security pitfalls in your organization, and the best ways to mitigate them.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: The Whys and How’s of Managed Detection & Response

Cyber defence tools are one thing, cyber defence skills & knowledge are how to make a difference. Join this “cyber fit to fight” defensive webinar and change the game to start winning against the threat actors.

Duration: 1 hour

Identity-First Security with ITDR

Join our upcoming webinar as we explore the core concepts of ITDR, going beyond the limitations of IAM to offer a more proactive and adaptive security solution. Discover how ITDR leverages threat intelligence gathered from all identity-related systems within your environment, enabling continuous and real-time monitoring of user activities.

Duration: 1 hour

Myths and Realities in Telemetry Data Handling

Data volumes are growing exponentially, driving up observability platform costs and slowing response times. Most organizations underestimate the impact of excessive and poorly understood telemetry data. But help is on the way! Telemetry Pipelines can enhance the value and reduce the cost of handling this data. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Solving The Microsoft Support Problem: How to Choose the Right Alternative to Microsoft Unified

In this information-packed Tech Talk, enterprise software support experts Mike Jones and Josh Arras talk with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the challenges enterprises are facing in this potentially costly Premier-to-Unified transition.

Coffee Talk: Top Ransomware Lessons for IT Leaders

In this session, we'll discuss ransomware attacks in the context of a comprehensive program leveraging recovery strategies against attacks you can’t always prevent. Keep the data safe and keep the users working. Attend to learn how.

Duration: 1 hour

A Look at Group Policy Attack Paths

In today’s technological landscape, Active Directory (AD) is a constant attack point for attackers. A common vector of attack against Active Directory is via group policy. Group policy can be used as a very effective direct or indirect method of executing remote code, modifying security settings, changing user permissions, and much more.

Movers, Joiners, and Leavers: Managing personnel changes and external users in Microsoft 365

In this 45-minute, on-demand webinar, learn how to (safely) manage and secure licenses and user access. Learn more!