Windows 2000 Migration Tool Vendors Flood W2K Expo with Products

All four of the major Windows 2000 migration tools vendors launched new products, services, or roadmaps at the Windows 2000 Conference and Expo in San Francisco this week.

Aelita Software released the Controlled Migration Suite, focusing on password synchronization, SIDhistory cleanup, and Active Directory planning. The suite’s components help administrators to analyze existing Windows NT domain structures and design a new Active Directory infrastructure, model and test different scenarios, reconfigure and migrate, cleanup the Active Directory after a migration, and to manage the environment in transition.

BindView Corp., which recently acquired directory management vendor Entevo, unveiled BindView’s Risk Management Solutions, built on a strategy for domain migrations and a roadmap for integrating Entevo’s DirectManage products into BindView’s product line. BindView will rebrand its BindView EMS product suite as BindView RMS (Risk Management Solutions) when the next version ships in the second half of 2000. BindView’s products will be split into three lines: bv-Admin for simplifying administrative tasks and migrations to Windows 2000; bv-Control for configuration and security management; and bv-LifeLine for performance monitoring and service-level management.

FastLane Technologies launched the FastLane KickStart 2000 Program, which combines consulting services, a strategic planning session, the FastLane DM/Suite of migration and network management products, and a new methodology called the FastLane DM/LifeCycle for Windows 2000 Deployment. The five-step DM/LifeCycle methodology calls for a planning stage, of assessing current NT and Exchange environments and building a hierarchy for Active Directory on Windows NT; a consolidation phase for users, resource domains, servers, data, and the administrative structure; a migration stage; a cleanup stage; and an administration stage, involving pruning and grafting.

Mission Critical Software Inc. announced 6.0 versions for two modules in its OnePoint product suite for managing Windows NT/2000 networks and migrations. The one point Directory & Resource Administrator and one point Exchange Administrator provide customized views of the Active Directory, policy enforcement and auditing, simple directory extensions, and workflow automation.

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