Unisys Guarantees PeopleSoft Solutions, Sets Benchmark

Unisys Corp. will offer an exclusive Application High Availability Guarantee for its PeopleSoft Inc. solutions. Unisys' guarantee will be the first in the industry to cover the availability of applications running under Microsoft Windows NT and SQL Server 7.0 database.

The guarantee applies to customers using Unisys ( Windows NT-based clustered servers optimized for all PeopleSoft ( solutions, including those supporting e-business, that access the SQL Server 7.0 database. Under the guarantee, Unisys will offer a month's rental reimbursement credit in the event a PeopleSoft server fails for more than one hour of any month during the first year of operation. A failure might occur, for example, when a significant fault could stop the system from being able to respond to users, or to process reports.

To ensure uninterrupted availability, PeopleSoft solutions covered by the guarantee run on Unisys ES5000-series servers clustered to enable operations to shift to a secondary backup server should the primary production server fail.

The guarantee applies to Unisys High-Availability Application Assistant software complemented by Tuxedo transaction manager from BEA Systems Inc. ( for continuous availability. For solutions accessing SQL Server 7.0 databases, the Unisys HA-Application Assistant software uses Microsoft ( Cluster Server to enable Tuxedo-based transactions to move automatically from a failed server to a functioning one should any server outage occur.

The guarantee covers servers that will be preconfigured, tested, and performance-certified by Unisys.

Unisys also announced that its eight-processor e-@ction Enterprise Server ES5085 achieved the industry's highest performing benchmark results for the PeopleSoft HRMS application in a Windows NT Server 4.0 and SQL Server 7.0 environment.

The ES5085 server running PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 supported 17,500 concurrent users, with an update and retrieval time of less than three seconds. In the test, the Unisys server surpassed the highest Unix result by three percent. -- Isaac Slepner

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