Tuesday March 28: Windows 2000 Resource Kit Chat

Join the <i>Windows 2000 Resource Kit</i> authors for a chat and get a chance to win a copy of the <i>Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit</i>, compliments of Microsoft Press.

On Tuesday, March 28, at 6 p.m. Pacific (Los Angeles) time, join the Windows 2000 Resource Kit writers for a special, one-hour chat, in which the writers will:

  • Offer MCPs valuable tips and strategies for using the Windows 2000 Resource Kit to find the specific solutions for rolling out and configuring the software;
  • Promote the features and benefits of the new Windows 2000 Resource Kit; and
  • Gather valuable feedback from MCPs on how they use the Resource Kit

In order for the team to get feedback from chat participants, the chat room will be kept open during the first 30 minutes, so that chat participants can post answers to questions posed by the writers. Then, the latter half of the hour will be moderated, with questions being posted to the Resource Kit writers on a first-asked, first-served basis.

In order to give you time to post thoughtful answers to their questions during the chat, the Resource Kit writers have provided the following list of questions:

  • When you want to perform a specific task, how do you go about finding out how to do it?
  • What do you go to first in a search: Menu, TOC, horiz nav bar, nav links at the bottom of pages, search, hot links?
  • Do you use the glossary? If so, was it helpful?
  • What resources do you use for learning about a new technology?
  • Do you buy the ResKit before or after you first install the OS?
  • What level of detail are you looking for in the Resource Kits?
  • Do you want to see the files, a description of them, and their associated path location for the various components covered in the Resource Kit?
  • Do you read entire chapters at a time or just selected pieces?
  • How often are the ResKit books used?
  • Do you buy the ResKit primarily for the tools or for the docs?
  • What is the primary job task(s) that you use the Resource Kits for?
  • Do you use the ResKit more for learning about technologies or for troubleshooting?
  • What resources do you use for troubleshooting or to fix a problem?
  • Do you want more troubleshooting information than what is already provided? If so, what areas would you like covered in more detail.
  • After purchasing the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit, which book(s)/guide(s) do you most frequently use?
  • For Win2K Server customer: Do you buy both the Server and the Pro ResKits?
  • Which do you use most frequently: pro or server documentation?
  • What technologies and tasks would you like to see in a resource kit? (Active Directory? Networking? Security? RAS? Configuration and Control Management? Web-to-Host Management? Migration?)
  • Do you find the worksheets in the Deployment Guide helpful?
  • In what areas would you like to see more scenarios?
  • Do you find the art/diagrams useful in the Resource Kits?
  • Do the document organization, design, and layout work well? Are the procedures laid out in the correct order?
  • Do you prefer textual or graphical information?
  • What kinds of information do you prefer to read online? In print?
  • How would you improve the deployment planning, server, or professional volumes in the resource kits?
  • Which areas are the resource kits strongest in?
  • What parts work especially well in this resource kit?

The chat takes place Tuesday, March 28, at 6 p.m. Pacific (Los Angeles) time, in the #PA1 room. For more about joining chats and a schedule of upcoming chats, go to

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