Microsoft Unveils New .NET Language

Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new object-oriented programming language designed for its Microsoft.NET platform.

Microsoft C# (C sharp) is built to utilize the XML-based Web services on the .NET platform. C# is based on Visual C++ and will enable C and C++ developers to leverage existing skills to build XML-based .NET applications.

The object-oriented design of C# will enable developers to build a wide range of Web applications and components, from XML-based Web services to middle-tier business objects and system-level applications. C# has been crafted to help developers accomplish more with fewer lines of code, and with fewer opportunities for error. Using C#, developers can build Web services that can be used across the Internet, from any language on any platform. C# also enables access to the underlying platform, as well as low-level code control, giving developers the ability to build complex business systems.

Microsoft ( is also working with ECMA, an international standards body, to create a standard for C#, in order to enable multiple vendors to deliver the language and supporting tools. C# is already being supported by several industry partners as well as other ISVs, solution providers, and systems integrators as well as book publishers, who will begin publishing documentation and training materials for developers. - Isaac Slepner

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