Win2K Datacenter Server Release Candidate 1 Released to Beta Sites

RC1 brings Microsoft closer to promise of offering large-scale enterprise version of its network operating system.

According to a report filed by ENT Magazine's Scott Bekker, Microsoft Corp. moved a step closer to rolling out its overdue first offering for the glasshouse today by delivering Release Candidate 1 of Windows 2000 Datacenter Server.

“We’re very close [to a final release],” said Michel Gambier, group product manager of enterprise server marketing at Microsoft. “We do not anticipate a long time between RC1 and Release to Manufacturing.”

Datacenter Server is the fourth and final version of Windows 2000, and the only version which has no precursor in the Windows NT 4.0 family of operating systems.

In a distribution method unique among Microsoft software products, Datacenter Server will be sold only through hardware manufacturers. The OS will come preloaded on complete systems certified by Microsoft.

To read more about Win2K Datacenter Server RC1, go to Scott Bekker's full report at

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