Citrix Launches MetaFrame for AIX

Citrix Systems Inc. today announced the newest addition to its MetaFrame ASP software products, MetaFrame for the AIX operating system. The new MetaFrame product is being demonstrated at Solutions, the IBM Technical Developer Conference this week in Las Vegas.

The Citrix ( MetaFrame 1.1 for Unix family extends the reach of business-critical Unix and Java applications across an enterprise, or from an ASP, to users anywhere, regardless of location or device. Powered by Citrix' Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), MetaFrame 1.1 for Unix shifts 100 percent of application processing to the server, resulting in very low bandwidth requirements and eliminating device restrictions found with emulation software. MetaFrame 1.1 for AIX is the latest addition to this product family.

MetaFrame 1.1 for AIX includes several new features. It provides server-based computing for version 4.3.3 of IBM Corp.'s ( AIX operating system. MetaFrame 1.1 for AIX offers tools to allow IT departments and ASPs to scale, deploy, manage, and support applications from a single location. It also enables Unix systems and Java applications to be deployed directly from a Web page. The new product also incorporates the same standard MetaFrame features found in earlier versions, including application publishing, load balancing, session shadowing, and SpeedScreen 2 Technology to reduce bandwidth consumption. - Isaac Slepner

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