Cisco Systems Enhances CiscoWorks Blue Family

Cisco Systems Inc. announced extensions to its CiscoWorks Blue family with the availability of CiscoWorks Blue SNA View 3.0, CiscoWorks Blue Maps 3.0, and Internetwork Status Monitor for System/390 2.0. These Web-based applications provide tools for effective management of SNA/IP networks.

Enhancements to the CiscoWorks Blue family of network management applications address the complex management needs of a mixed SNA/IP network. CiscoWorks Blue SNA View 3.0 provides SNA/IP network troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities via network and mainframe correlation. The solution collects physical unit (PU) and logical unit (LU) data and correlates this to information gathered from Cisco devices and servers.

CiscoWorks Blue Maps 3.0 provides dynamic views or maps of both SNA and IP networks. The new version allows users to scale to manage larger SNA/IP networks through improved host discovery and status propagation. CiscoWorks Blue Maps 3.0 collects and monitors advanced Management Information Base (MIB) information in Cisco devices in addition to monitoring DLSw, APPN, and RSRB network traffic.

Internetwork Status Monitor for System/390 2.0 provides management and visibility of Cisco devices from the mainframe.

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