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SAN FRANCISCO -- Today at the PASS SQL Server users conference, Paul Flessner, senior vice president of Microsoft’s .NET Enterprise Servers Group announced a brand new Microsoft product, SQL Server 2000 Windows CE. The announcement came in his opening keynote address to attendees of the conference.

SQL Server 2000 CE is made for handheld devices and offers flexible access to enterprise data. Like SQL Server 2000 for the enterprise, it is a full relational database management system, but also offers wireless HTTP support and a 1 MB footprint.

Flessner talked up several features of the new product: data access between the CE device and versions of SQL Server 6.5 and up; data is stored locally on the device; the ability to use a database password and data encryption to protect data on the device; the ability to connect to IIS over an Internet connection and use SSL to encrypt data over the wire; and the ability to get access SQL Server 2000 from beyond a firewall.

Other features, dicussed by Kevin Collins of Microsoft, were embedded Visual Basic in the software, merge replication, and central administration from SQL Server 2000 in the enterprise.

Merge replication allows the CE user to replicate data back to SQL Server 2000 that is obtained while not connected to SQL Server 2000. The CE version also enables IT to set up a subscription database, which enables the device to receive only data from SQL SErver 2000 that is relevant to the device user -- and not replicating the entire database onto the device. To do this, SQL Server 2000 CE employs dynamic horizontal partitions which control what sets of data come to the device, this can be specific to the device and can be changed by IT at any time.

Licensing of SQL Server 2000 will require users to purchase SQL SErver 2000 developers edition and pay a fee of $499. This will give them one developer license for unlimited deployment. Users can then go to the Micrsoft SQL Server site and download the CE edition. – Alicia Costanza

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