SecureWave Combats Viruses with SecureEXE

SecureWave SA, a European security firm, developed a security solution called SecureEXE, to stop Trojan horse viruses from attacking firewalled networks.

SecureEXE works with a white list, meaning that only applications that have been tested and approved will run on the network. All unauthorized executables, including Trojan horse viruses, will not run. SecureEXE is thus the last line of defense, after firewalls and virus scanner applications.

On a SecureEXE-protected machine, all requests for execution of a program are intercepted before they are carried out. SecureEXE calculates a unique signature of the executable at that time and compares it to the authorized database. If the program matches any in the authorized database, it is run, otherwise, it will be stopped.

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

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