Dell Wants to Own Server Market

LAS VEGAS -- One out of every four servers sold in this country is a Dell, said Michael Dell on Monday. And for him, that’s just not good enough.

Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Computer Corp. , said during his keynote address at COMDEX that he wants the same kind of server dominance that his company has in the desktop and notebook computer markets.

“We believe that what’s happening with desktops and notebooks (where Dell is the industry leader) will happen with our servers.” Dell attributes his company’s successes to acting on consumer feedback. “The key to customer-driven success is listening,” he said.

Dell estimated that in five years there will be twice as many servers in use as there are today, and he wants to have sold the majority of them. “We’re focused on servers and storage,” he commented.

But that doesn’t mean Dell is going to ignore its bread and butter – far from it. “The notebook market is really important for us,” Dell said.

A key component of those notebooks in the future, he envisioned, is wireless technology. “Wireless will have a huge affect on the future of our industry. It will really change the way people work…we’re building wireless technology into our laptops.”

During his address, Dell also touched on the importance of online security. “Ninety percent of our customers are concerned about privacy, and businesses must step up to a higher standard to protect customers.”

In the end, Dell said, all the technology in the world won’t help a company succeed if it forgets that people use the technology. He likened the situation to what one sees all over this town. “It’s like Las Vegas – lots of bells and whistles, lots of lights flashing, and lots of gambling, (but) customers will continue to determine what succeeds.” Keith Ward

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

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