Toshiba Shores Up Entry-Level Server Line

The Computer Systems Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. (TAIS) announced the Magnia 510D, a new entry-level server supporting 733-MHz and 866-MHz dual processors and up to three hot-swappable, RAID-ready Ultra 2 SCSI drive bays.

The new Mangia 510D server supports dual Intel Pentium III processors at 733 MHz and 866 MHz with 133 MHz front side bus (FSB) for fast data processing. The series is also equipped with five 32-bit I/O expansion slots. Both the Standard and Hot-Swap models also feature high-speed 128 MB ECC memory (expandable to 2 GB), a SCSI controller, and integrated 10/100 Ethernet. The Hot-Swap model also features an Ultra 2 RAID controller, a 9 GB or 18 GB Ultra 2 SCSI hard drive, and can support up to three hot-swappable SCSI drives.

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