Quantum, Network Appliance Announce NAS Backup for Filers

ATL, a unit of Quantum’s DLT and Storage Systems Group, and Network Appliance Inc. announced the availability of ATL’s NAS backup solution for filers using Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology. The NAS backup solution allows NetApp filers to directly back up data over a network to any available tape drive within an ATL P-Series library. The solution works with minimal backup host involvement and easily integrates into existing Ethernet environments.

The NAS backup solution uses a Cisco switch to connect the ATL automated tape library solution directly to a network. The role of the switch is to route data and control commands to the P3000 library. Using GbE switching allows NetApp filers and the NAS backup to be located anywhere on the network.

Benefits of the NAS backup solution include user of the NDMP architecture for compatibility and investment protection; simple integration into existing Ethernet infrastructure; ability to share the tape library among an entire network of filers; no need for each filer to have a dedicated tape device; no need to route multiple filers through each other to share a library; easy scalability; and high throughput to the library.

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