WatchGuard’s ServerLock Extends Security Beyond Firewall

WatchGuard Technologies Inc. extended its Firebox firewall and VPN appliances with the introduction of WatchGuard ServerLock, new software that locks down Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers.

ServerLock reinforces WatchGuard’s perimeter defense products by hardening the server operating system using software that can be implemented by existing staff. With ServerLock, the enterprise extends its defenses by avoiding service outages caused by Web server attacks, internal administrative errors, and unauthorized changes or routing of server content.

WatchGuard ServerLock integrates with the operating system to define two modes for the server – operational and administrative. In operational mode, all server configuration elements are secured from unauthorized changes, including user-defined resources. This protects the server from downtime caused by incorrect configuration changes or malicious attacks from both within and outside the enterprise. In administrative mode, ServerLock uses a sophisticated encryption suite that enables an enterprise to centrally and securely control all modifications to the largest server farm or to an individual server.

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

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