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Companies like Desaware are enticing consumers by bundling their best sellers for a fraction of the cost of the products combined. And they're giving away the source code to boot.

Desaware Universal COM
Desaware Universal COM features Desaware's complete line of COM components, featuring both ongoing and legacy support with VB6. It includes SpyWorks, which lets you use low-level system features that you're isolated from by Visual Basic 6; NT Service Toolkit (COM editing), which lets you write true Windows services using VB6; VersionStamper, which helps you cut deployment and support costs by eliminating DLL Hell; StorageTools, which helps you store data in a file; EventLog Toolkit, which helps you build event sources for your VB6 apps using a simple graphical interface; Desaware ActiveX Gallimaufry, which is an eclectic set of VB components; File Property Component, which helps you read and write the file properties of any file; Custom Control Factory, an animated button control; and legacy VBX products. Desaware COM Universal also includes full source code for Desaware's original 16-bit VBX products, including SpyWorks-VB and CCF-Cursors. $495.
Phone: 408-377-4770

Desaware Universal .NET
Desaware Universal .NET features Desaware's complete line of .NET components, including SpyWorks, which lets you use low-level system features that you're isolated from by high-level languages such as VB.NET and C#; NT Service Toolkit (.NET edition), a Windows service framework for .NET with built-in features; StateCoder, a state machine framework that makes your .NET assemblies more reliable; StorageTools, which helps you store data in a file; EventLog Toolkit, which helps you build event sources for your .NET apps using a simple graphical interface; OneTimeDownload-5M, which provides link management for ASP.NET; LineGraph-5M, which helps you build line graphs and scatter graphs for ASP.NET; and INIFileTool-5M, which helps you read or write Windows INI files from .NET without using API calls. $495.
Phone: 408-377-4770

LGX Info
LGX Info is an extended reporting platform based on .NET and XML technologies. It features Web-based reporting and the ability to create reporting dashboards, which allow customized views of critical information to be displayed to selected people. LGX Info lets you trigger a business process or event from a report, as well as create workflow applications based on your report. You can automate report creation and delivery to key people, as well as embed LGX Info within your existing Web app through HTTP. LGX Info features a security model that delves down to the record level and can integrate with existing security models. You can run reports and other processes in the background and trigger event-driven alerts such as hitting preset limits. You can also view your information graphically on demand. LGX Info Server is $5,000 per CPU; LGX Info Studio is $995 per seat.
Phone: 888-564-4965; 703-748-0020

SftDirectory 1.0
SftDirectory lets you create file and folder views in your applications similar to Windows Explorer. SftDirectory is an ActiveX control that offers tree-control and combo-box style views of folder lists. It supports multiple selection, multiple columns, column headers, and checkboxes. You can use SftDirectory with .NET, VB, C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, Delphi, Access, and more. Its online help integrates fully with Visual Studio .NET. $299.
Softel vdm
Phone: 941-505-8600


ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7
Doc-To-Help lets you create HTML Help, cross-platform HTML-based Help, JavaHelp, WinHelp, Microsoft Help 2.0, and printed documentation from a single set of Word documents. ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7 Professional includes five new features: natural search, which lets you add "natural language" search capabilities; a modular TOC utility, which lets you populate all modular system help files automatically with functional Table of Contents links; an image map editor, which lets you edit inserted images and add hotspot links to specific topics in the Help file; a theme designer, which gives you full control over built-in themes; and a context string editor that helps you define context ID strings for Microsoft Help 2.0 and connect them to Help topics. The Professional version also features a yearly subscription service that includes new version releases, free updates and upgrades, select product betas, savings on training, 30-day phone support, and e-mail support for one full year from the date of purchase. $999.95.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

Document! X 4.0
Document! X 4.0 automatically produces technical documentation and online help for Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies, COM components, VB.NET, VBA source code, and XSD schemas. Document! X produces the documentation during development to save developer resources and provide development teams with an accurate reference. You can author additional content directly within a preview of the automatically generated page. The "full page edit" functionality is available within both VB6 and VS.NET environments, allowing you to author and maintain your source code comments within a preview of how the generated documentation will look. Document! X can also use comments from Transact-SQL code, SQL Server extended attributes, XSD schema annotations and Type Library HelpStrings. Version 4.0 fully supports the forthcoming Visual Studio "Whidbey" edition. Contact vendor for pricing.

eXpress Persistent Objects 1.5
eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) for .NET is an object framework library for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It bridges the object world and the world of relational databases by letting you build business objects without having to map them onto database tables. XPO abstracts the database layer, leaving you in the object-oriented realm. You can build applications that work with multiple database systems (supports Access and SQL Server) without making changes to your code. Version 1.5 increases compatibility with your legacy databases, features pageable collections, and adds aggregate (group) operations with collection properties. $149.99; $199.99 with source code.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609

jb2 Web Questions for ASP.NET 2.0
jb2 Web Questions for ASP.NET 2.0 streamlines the collection of data from online registrations, customer support and feedback forms, surveys, evaluations, questionnaires, e-training exams, and more. This collection of ASP.NET composite server controls provides a theme-based approach to collecting data for any type of online form. You drop jb2 Web Questions controls onto Web forms and data-bind or fill in question-and-response text to prototype Web applications. You then choose from among a number of predefined themes and custom property settings to transform prototypes into the look you want. Version 2.0 offers a wider selection of input controls and enhanced integration with IDEs, such as Visual Studio .NET 2003, Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework, and ASP.NET Web Matrix. Contact vendor for pricing.
jb2 Components
Phone: 770-667-8721

VLButtonBar 3.0
VLButtonBar is an ActiveX button bar you can use to incorporate an Outlook-style navigation sidebar as well as a VB-style tool palette into your apps. You can deploy it as a vertical menu or a toolbar. Version 3.0 features Unicode support so you can use Unicode text and font for group and button captions. It also features right-to-left text display support, enhanced keyboard support, new keyboard events, OLE drag-and-drop events, runtime reordering of groups and buttons, and additional button styles. $189.
Viklele Associates
Phone: 91-20-25381012

VLPropertyList 2.0
VLPropertyList lets you visualize and manipulate property-value pairs. You can load, display, and modify properties of COM objects and browse an ADO recordset with a single line of code. VLPropertyList supports multilevel categorization and dual views (flat and hierarchical). The control supports text, number, Boolean, drop-down list, color-picker, font-selection, file-selection, folder-selection, and date-picker built-in editors. You can also add your own in-place or dialog-based custom value editors. You can customize the appearance, color, font, and text. VLPropertyList's event structure lets you incorporate custom data validations and custom sorting. The package includes detailed online documentation and a sample program. $199.
Viklele Associates
Phone: +91-20-25381012

WordReports .NET 1.2
WordReports .NET is a .NET reporting component that gives you complete control over Microsoft Word document generation. It embeds Word and RTF document creation into .NET Web or desktop applications. You can create documents without Word or any form of automation. You can generate reports with charts and database binding, and you can lay out templates in Word. WordReports includes example source code, coding tutorials, a user guide, a complete class library reference, and e-mail support. Starts at $99.
Jisys Software

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