AMD Begins Shipping Dual-Core 64-bit CPUs – HP Ships AMD-Based Servers

AMD began delivering its first dual-core Opteron 64-bit CPUs in quantity this week, and HP announced its first servers based on the technology.

Ready for immediate delivery, the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 800 Series processor can be used to build four- to eight-way servers. HP jumped on board by announcing one new and one updated four-processor server based on the 800 Series dual-core processor.

AMD also announced dates for upcoming dual-core chip deliveries. For instance, the 200 Series processors for two-way servers and workstations will be available in late May. In addition, AMD announced that the AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual-Core processor for desktops will ship in June. Dual-core chips for mobile applications are scheduled for 2006.

HP’s two new offerings are a server blade dubbed the HP ProLiant BL45p for the HP BladeSystem, and an update to HP’s existing single-core ProLiant DL585 server. Both are available with either dual- or single-core processors. A single-core-based version of the BL45p starts at $6,999 and the DL585 single-core-based server starts at $9,999, according to an HP statement. Single-core versions of the two servers are available now – dual-core versions will ship in the next month.

Additionally, HP plans to release three other servers -- the HP ProLiant BL25p, BL35p and DL385 -- and the HP xw9300 Workstation with dual-core technologies in mid-2005, when AMD delivers its Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor 200 Series.

IBM also announced this week that it is nearly set to ship what it claims is the first workstation based on the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 800 Series processor.

One advantage that AMD claims is that the new dual-core chips will work in existing computers, with a BIOS update. “Only AMD customers will have the ability to upgrade 90nm-ready server platforms with dual-core processors and continue running legacy 32-bit x86 applications as well as new 64-bit OS solutions,” AMD said in a statement.

The same big hardware OEMs that have announced support for AMD’s dual-core initiative – like HP and IBM – are also onboard with Intel’s dual-core strategy.

Pricing for the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 800 Series ranges from $1,514 each in 1,000-unit quantities for the Model 865 to $2,649 each in 1,000-unit quantities for the Model 875. The AMD Opteron 200 Series starts at $851 for the Model 265 and scales to $1,299 for the Model 275, also in 1000-unit quantities. Prices for the upcoming AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors will range from $537 to $1,001 in quantity.

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