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A few scripting goodies from JDH IT Solutions

I’ve written before about JDH IT Solutions’ various script-related tools in my other column for, and there are others worth mentioning for you scripting fans here.

First up is their Scripting Assistant, a sort of console that can scan your system for scripting-related tools, creating a sort of central launching point for everything you’ve got. They’re up to version 3.0 of the tool, and it includes links to download useful tools you may not even know exist, like the official ADSI documentation. There’s also tools to export scripts to a line-numbered version (useful for debugging if you don’t have a script editor) or export to a color-coded HTML file (very useful for sharing scripts on the Web).

Next up is Disk Reporter. While not actually a scripting tool, this HTML Application (HTA) was written entirely in VBScript, and provides a stunningly useful and simple-to-read example of how to build your own graphical tools in VBScript. It’s capable of scanning a list of servers and reporting on their disk utilization. It demonstrates how to use Ping within a script to verify connectivity to a remote computer and a lot of other useful tasks.

Last is another HTA that exposes a lot of Exchange 2000 and 2003 scripting tasks: Exchange Monitor. Using ADSI, this HTA find all your Exchange servers, and then using a variety of other technologies pulls valuable statistics from them. It isn’t Microsoft Operations Manager, but it’s a very handy, easy-to-run tool that, again, provides an excellent example of Exchange scripting techniques.

Some of the tools are free, while others have a small fee associated (often, the pay version has more features). Find ‘em all, including screen shots, at

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