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Extending Windows Server 2008's Eval Period (Exam 70-642)

After installing Windows Server 2008 and choosing not to enter the product registration key, what utility can be used to extend the evaluation period? (Choose two)

  1. Windows 2008 does not support an evaluation period
  2. Open a command prompt window and type slmgr -rearm
  3. Restart in Safe Mode and enter the registration key when prompted
  4. Press Ctrl+O in Internet Explorer, type cmd, type slmgr -rearm
B, D. Windows 2008 supports an initial evaluation period that can be extended three times or up to 240 days by using slmgr -rearm. Answer D is required when Windows 2008 has passed an evaluation period and entered the reduced functionality mode.

C is incorrect, as Safe Mode does not offer a method of extending the evaluation period.

Tip: Each time slmgr -rearm is used the evaluation period is extended by 60 days.

Tech Reference: "How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period"

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