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Pop Quiz: Windows Server 2012: Server Core Roles and Features

Applies to the "Configure Server Roles and Features" objective of Exam 70-417.

Q: A company's administrator needs to add the Print and Document Services to an installation of Windows Server 2012 server core using PowerShell.

Which of the following cmdlets would be used to install the Print and Document Services in Windows Server 2012 server core using PowerShell?

  1. Install-WindowsFeature Print-Server
  2. Add-WindowsFeature PrintandDocumentServices
  3. Add-WindowsFeature Print-Server
  4. Install-WindowsFeature PrintandDocumentServices

Answer and explanation are below.

Answer is C. Add-WindowsFeature Print-Server is the PowerShell command used to install the server role (or feature) Print and Document Services. The friendly name equivalent for Print-Server is Print and Document Services Print Server.

Quick Tip: The cmdlet Get-WindowsFeature will display a complete list of all possible roles and features by Display Name (friendly name), Name (PowerShell name), and Install State (an X next to each, indicates if it's currently installed).


Bonus Question: ARP/ND Poisoning (spoofing) protection is an important function of which technology within Windows Server 2012? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last time: The requirements for using the Add Roles and Features wizard in Windows Server 2012 to install roles and features on offline VHDs is as follows; VHDs must be running Windows Server 2012, VHDs cannot have more than one operating system volume or partition, and the network shared folder in which the VHD file is stored must be granted the access right permission Read/Write to the computer (or local system) account of the server that has been selected to mount the VHD.

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