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Pop Quiz: Updating Hardware Drivers in Windows 7

Applies to the "Configuring Access to Resources" objective of Exam 70-680 TS: Windows 7 Configuration.

Q: When downloading driver updates for Windows 7 hardware, which of the following are considered reliable sources? Each answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.

  1. Windows Update
  2. Windows Server Update Services
  3. Search the Internet for the driver
  4. The manufacturer's Web site

Answer and explanation is below.

Answer is A, B, and D: Using reliable sources when downloading driver updates is crucial to maintaining the system stability and security of Windows 7. Sigverif.exe can be used to verify which installed drivers are digitally signed. Windows 7 64-bit only allows signed drivers.

Quick Tip: The Windows 7 Compatibility Center Web site is a good place to start, and know what's compatible when adding hardware and software to Windows 7.


Bonus Question: : Marc, an office network user, is attempting to logon to his home computer using Remote Desktop, but continues to receive the error message; the username or password is incorrect. Both Marc’s office computer and home computer have Windows 7 installed. His office computer is a member of a Windows domain. He continues to receive the error message. What is the most likely cause? (Tweet your answer with #pop680e and get a chance to win a Redmond t-shirt! Deadline for entries is Wednesday, June 6.)

Answer to last week's bonus question: Reliability Monitor in Windows 7 can be used to track and report the answers to the question, "What's changed that has caused this problem?"

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