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Pop Quiz: SharePoint 2013: Capacity Planning

Applies to the "Design a SharePoint Topology" objective of Exam 70-331.

Q: A company's network team is designing a SharePoint 2013 corporate portal with an expected average load of 42 Requests Per Second (RPS) and needs to know which topology should be used.

Which deployment topology would BEST meet the needs of the design and the expected average load?

  1. Medium farm deployment
  2. Small farm deployment
  3. Single server deployment
  4. Large farm deployment

Answer and explanation are below.

Answer is A. A SharePoint medium farm deployment is the most common deployment topology and typically includes a minimum of two web servers and applications servers as the tier one and tier two. It also includes a third tier of one or more database servers or a cluster. It can support a user base of tens of thousands, an expected load of 10 to 50 RPS, and a data store of one or two terabytes.

Quick Tip: The use of host-named site collections in SharePoint 2013 supports all sites deployed in a single web application on the farm. This method is highly scalable and is flexible in managing URLs.


Bonus Question: Which new SharePoint 2013 web control can be used to find and select users, groups, and claims to grant permission to items such as lists, libraries, or sites? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last time: Promoted Results have replaced Best Bets in SharePoint 2013 and can provide results based on powerful query rule conditions.

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