The Need for Speed: Master Certified Migration Expert (MCME)

A newly announced cert title is aimed at IT pros looking to cash in on Windows XP's approaching end of support.

Did you know that, with the Windows XP end-of-extended-support (EEOS) April 8, 2014 deadline approaching there is an urgent need for IT Pros to master and complete desktop migrations? Whether you are an in-house IT Pro or an external VAR/reseller/partner, the April 8 milestone will impact you.

To equip you to both master and validate your Windows XP migration skills, SMB Nation and its subsidiary have announced the Master Certified Migration Expert (MCME) title. It builds upon the Certified Migration Expert (CME) assessment. Here is the scoop:

The original CME title is earned when you join the co-op and you pass a rigorous 20-question online assessment. This is intended to screen co-op members and validate basic Windows XP- and migration-related knowledge. The assessment is "real world" based and the failure rate remain over 50 percent. You may attempt the 20-minute timed assessment twice. There is no cost to taking the CME exam.

Master Certified Migration Expert
This earned title, MCME, requires additional steps to prove mastery in desktop, application and server migration topics that are all part of the IT ecosystem. To earn the MCME certificate you must:

  • Pass the original Certified Migration Expert online assessment
  • Attend two hours of in-person classroom lecture on migration topics at an SMB Nation event (11th annual SMB Nation Fall conference). You will validate your classroom learning time with a signed card.
  • Pass an intensive  60-minute timed online certification exam that covers both the technical and business aspects of Windows XP migrations in small- and mid-sized business (SMB).
  • Submit two client referrals/recommendations that are validated.

MCME title holders will receive first preference for assignments. A badge and certificate will be awarded. This professional designation is also valid for proving your expertise in all aspect of your SMB IT Pro career. There is no cost to taking the MCME certification exam.

The just announced MCME certification will be released and available at the SMB Nation Fall conference (October 10-12, visit where student can earn the MCME title during the conference by attending classes on the migration pathway and completing both the CME assessment and the MCME certification exam.

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Bainbridge Island, Washington author Harry Brelsford is the CEO of, a Small Business Server consulting and networking monitoring firm. He publishes the "Small Business Best Practices" newsletter ([email protected]), and is the author of several IT books, including MCSE Consulting Bible (Hungry Minds) and Small Business Server 2000 Best Practices (Hara Publishing).

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