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Pop Quiz: Windows To Go: Preparing the Environment

Applies to the "Install and upgrade to Windows 8" objective of Exam 70-689.

Q: A company's desktop support team has been asked to provide a group of users the ability to use Windows To Go (WTG) during their visits to branch offices across the region.

The support team has verified the requirements for the visiting users but needs to ensure they each have their enterprise credentials and data cache on the WTG drives in case a network is unavailable.

What must each user do initially with their WTG drive prior to leaving the main office?

  1. Sync the WTG drive
  2. Boot the WTG drive
  3. Enable Direct Access
  4. Activate the WTG drive


Answer is B. Booting the WTG drive initially at the main office will cache user's credentials in the Windows To Go workspace and allows the initial data synchronization between the network and the Windows To Go workspace. The user can then use the WTG drive even without network connectivity.

Quick Tip: Application software such as Microsoft Office and Windows Store purchased apps can also be installed on a Windows To Go drive, but apps would be bound to a host computer's hardware and not portable on the WTG drive.

Reference: Prepare Your Organization for Windows To Go

Bonus Question: What is the definition of sideloading Windows 8 apps? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last week: The requirements for Windows to Go are as follows; Windows 8 Enterprise, a computer configured to boot from USB storage, and a certified USB drive.

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