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Pop Quiz: Managing Drive Unlock with BitLocker

Applies to the "Configure remote access and mobility" objective of Exam 70-689.

Q: A company's desktop support team would like an easier method of assisting users when their Windows 8 machines are connected to the network and their BitLocker key is missing.

The desktop support team needs to advise the server support team on the requirements of Network Unlock.
Which of the following are core requirements when using BitLocker Network Unlock?

  1. BdeHdCfg.exe
  2. Manage-Bde.exe
  3. DHCP driver in UEFI firmware
  4. DHCP and WDS server combined installation


Answer is C. A client machine with a compatible DCHP driver in UEFI available firmware is a core requirement when using BitLocker Network Unlock. Other core requirements are as follows; BitLocker Network Unlock optional feature installed on Windows Server 2012. A separate Windows Server 2012 server running the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) role. A DHCP server, separate from the WDS server. Properly configured public/private key pairing. Network Unlock Group Policy settings configured.

Quick Tip: Manage-Bde.exe can be used to determine if the proper certificate thumbprint is being used when troubleshooting Network Unlock.

Reference: BitLocker Drive Encryption Overview

Bonus Question: What is the advantage of Push-Button Reset in Windows 8? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last week: The missing network element when using Wi-Fi Direct with Windows 8 is the WAP (Wireless Access Point).

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