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Pop Quiz: Managing Group Policies in Windows Server 2012 R2

Applies to the "Configure and manage Group Policy" objective of Exam 70-411.

Q: A company's administrator needs to force over a hundred devices to update their group policies to receive a critical change related to an auditing change made by the security team.

Which of the following allows administrators to update group polices on remote computers?

  1. GPResult
  2. GPUpdate
  3. Set-GPPermission
  4. Invoke-GPUpdate


Answer is D. The Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet provides more functionality than applying remote Group Policy update through the GPMC interface. For example, the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet enables refreshing computers located in the default computer container, while the remote Group Policy update functionality in the GPMC only enables refreshing for computers that are located in an OU.

Quick Tip: Get-ADComputer –filter * -Searchbase "cn=computers, dc=Contoso,dc=com" | foreach{ Invoke-GPUpdate –computer $_.name -force}

Reference: TechNet:Invoke-GPUpdate

Bonus Question: Which SMB version is needed to support cluster replicated VMs? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last week: Microsoft Azure is a Windows Server 2012 R2 backup technology that allows for offsite storage.


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