Microsoft Offers Security Bulletin Reporting Tool

Microsoft this week has released the "myBulletins" online service -- a tool that allows IT to pick and choose which product patches to be informed about.

According to Microsoft's Tim Rains, director of the Trustworthy Computing group, the new service is designed to specifically tailor a unique Microsoft security update based on users' needs. "myBulletins is a customizable tool designed to give IT Professionals a tailored experience based on specific requirements for their environment," wrote Rains in a blog post. "Using this service, customers can filter security bulletins to show only those that are relevant to the Microsoft products in their environment."

The free service, which can be accessed from Microsoft's Security TechCenter, takes only a  simple three-step process to get going. First, users must log in with a Microsoft account (or create an account). Then, users can choose which Microsoft products they want security bulletin information on. Finally, security bulletins for the specified products chosen will show up on a dashboard with all pertinent information on it.

Not only will myBulletins allow IT to view details on security updates that affect their environments, but bulletin priority orders can also be set and customized rollouts can be tailored based off of severity, release date and reboot requirements.

It's worth noting that myBulletins does not keep an active eye on networks, nor do they monitor if and when bulletins are applied. It only knows what users tell it and it should only be used as a patch deployment resource -- not a security update manager.

What's also interesting is that Microsoft has included non-supported software in the list of products to potentially follow, including Office XP, earlier versions of Internet Explorer and Windows XP.

Microsoft is also seeking comments and suggestions on how to improve myBulletins on its site feedback page.  

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