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A colleague just yesterday was reminiscing about the heady days of the MCSE: "When we passed all the exams, Microsoft would send you a nice leather jacket and the recruiters would be waiting at the elevator of the training center handing out cards." He said this while waving his hand the length of his torso, to sell the idea that the jacket was all that. Of course, that's all way, way, way in the past. No strong incentive exists to have his new hires get the new-generation MCSE, currently called the tongue-twisting MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.

Bill Chapman of the Microsoft Learning Group caused a minor controversy when he said, "The MCSE is dead, it's time to move on." It makes me wonder if that's true, or if there still exists some large deployments of Windows Server 2003 that require the services and expertise that only MCSEs can muster. I just checked Dice.com and a search for jobs seeking MCSEs (1064 results) far outpaced MCITP (50). I didn't bother to specify the EA part.

Is the MCSE dead? Or are hiring managers clueless when it comes to certifications and hiring? Send an e-mail or comment here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 02/05/2009 at 11:59 AM

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