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As It Ages, MCSE Holds Value

Doing a quick and dirty search of jobs using my favorite IT job search engine, Dice.com, for certification terms that matter and I get 55 for MCITP, 47 for MCPD and 87 for MCTS. Yes, underwhelming. Microsoft's messaging, it seems, needs to be pounded into the heads of hiring managers that the new-generation certifications are where it's at (I won't even get into what the subtext is here; let's just say that Vista is not a hot OS).

I bring this up because David Binning at ComputerWeekly.com blogs a survey from IT Job Board showing that MCSE (by the way, on Dice it had well over 900 job postings), combined with MCSA and MCT, continue to be highly regarded among 43 percent of respondents who said certifications would improve one's hiring chances. IT certification has been getting a boost as the economy goes south and jobs in other industries become more scarce.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 05/21/2009 at 11:59 AM

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