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Yet Another Search Choice

Microsoft's Bing appears to be making enough of a dent in Google's search engine segment that Google is giving the "upstart" a measured look. So said this New York Post report. (And, then there's this counterpoint.)

Another search competitor wants to join the race, Hunch, which launched amid the Bing noise, and this is good news/bad news. Good: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft see competition, which means more search innovation. Bad: Launching the same week as Bing with its mega-marketing machine in overdrive makes it difficult to be heard above the din.

So, what is Hunch? In short, it's "social search" or it could be called yet another decision engine, this one deriving answers based on social networking types of technologies, such as crowdsourcing (not like that exactly, but kinda).

I've yet to try it. One thing for sure -- Hunch is clever, inserting you into the decision-making process, with a search box that already fills in the first step to your intended goal with "Today, I'm making a decision about..." Well, I've decided I'm just too busy to turn to something else today and I'll stick with googling.

If Google isn't your go-to search engine, what is? Have you tried Hunch? What are your thoughts? Chime in here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/19/2009 at 11:59 AM

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