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Windows 8 Already?

I'll keep this one short....

Mary Jo Foley, a Redmond back page columnist, also writes the popular All Things Microsoft blog (like many of my fellow editors, I'm a big fan).

Recently she wrote, "As soon as Microsoft releases the final bits of a new Windows release to manufacturing — and often before — many users’ thoughts turn to what’s next." I think she's wrong by one word. Substitute "users" with "analysts" and I think she nails it.

The typical user often lives in the now and just the near future when it comes to operating systems and software like it. OSes aren't like digital cameras, where innovations like high pixel count sensors and adding live HD video are just around the corner, enticing digital camera users to wait for the next version before pulling the trigger on a purchase.  What's cooking in the next OS is really more about giving pundits, analysts and those in tech media something to write and speculate about for the next three years.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 09/25/2009 at 11:59 AM

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