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MCSA: Security Recertification

Microsoft Learning blogs about the need this year to get recertified if you have the MCSA: Security specialization and want to retain it as a valid title. The certification was accredited by ANSI last month. Recertification isn't a necessity, unless, of course, you work for an organization that requires it (the blog cites compliance with ISO 17024 as a good one). In most cases, you're safe with what you've earned so far.

But if you need to recertify, all it takes is to pass Exam 70-699: Windows Server 2003, MCSA Security Specialization Skills Update.

Recertification might be a good idea for this particular title, but does it make sense for others? And who among you has recertified due to job requirements? I'd love to hear from you at [email protected] or comment below.

The recert blog item was written by Liberty Munson, Microsoft's resident psycho ... ahem ... metrician. I had an e-mail exchange with her over the holidays, which I then edited into a Q&A that has some insights into the exam development process and exam security. Check out part 1, which was posted last week here, and then read part 2 here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 01/21/2010 at 11:59 AM

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