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Minor MPN Certification Controversy

Jeffrey Schwartz on the RCPmag.com site writes about some of the changes coming to the Microsoft Partner Network, some good, some bad. Where there's understandably overwhelming attention is a minor controversy in the certification of higher level partner membership levels. It particularly puts small businesses into a bind.

As I understand it, Microsoft will no longer allow the person who's certified in messaging to use his or her credential to fulfill other competencies. "No more double dipping," writes my colleague. To fulfill the requirement for other levels, companies must already have others on staff or add staffers who can use their certifications to fulfill other added competencies based on those revamped MPN rules.

What Microsoft might be saying is, small businesses be damned or fall in with the rules. But Microsoft believes the rules are fair and that small businesses can play up the lone competency advantage. Yes, SMBs can compete against the big boys with dozens of competencies by touting the scale and cost savings that small businesses have. Oh yeah, it sounds cockeyed to me, too. Share your thoughts on Schwartz's story here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/29/2010 at 11:59 AM

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