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This Week in IT History: The Original Browser

Firefox 4 was released to Web recently. Microsoft is showing IE 10 in preview form. Safari? Well, I've seen it on a G4 and it looks just kind of like the one I'm more familiar with on my iPod Touch. Well, these and some of the browsers you might be familiar with all have some relation to the mother of all Web browsers, Mosaic, of which version 1.0 was released this week in 1993.

What's your primary browser these days? I'm on Google Chrome most of the day, but I switch it up once in a while and use Firefox, then IE 8. How about you?


[Editor's Note: Corrected name of original browser to Mosaic. Thanks to anon for pointing this out.]

Posted by Michael Domingo on 04/21/2011 at 11:59 AM

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