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Microsoft's Former CEO Won't Replace Ballmer Any Time Soon

It seems the din keeps getting louder, with at least one or two tech journos a week pondering Ballmer's replacement. And many of them have Gates as an option. But they can all forget about that. Here's an excerpt from an interview that ran in The Daily Mail:

Will he ever return to helm Microsoft?

'No. I'm part-time involved. But this is my job now.'

You heard it there first.

Speaking of Ballmer leaving, I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what his legacy will be. He's been at the helm for 11 years so far, but what will he be known for? And while you're answering that question, ponder this one too: Who would you nominate to replace Ballmer, if he were to leave?

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/23/2011 at 11:59 AM

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