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Windows 8 Upgrades, Anyone?

Windows 8 is around the corner, what with Microsoft announcing that it has been released to manufacturers. What this means is that we'll be seeing the new OS on new brand-spanking new machines. But upgrading is going to be a stretch for most of the Windows computing generalists, as most of us who own older desktops and laptops won't be able to take advantage of the touch capabilities. So, imagine that on a bigger scale, with IT folks in medium and large enterprises who in the past might usually opt to roll it out in the coming months, but now have to make serious considerations for hardware as well as software when contemplating the move to this newer OS.

I've worked with Windows 8 on a test machine that has no touch features, and it seemed odd and I did feel lost at times navigating the OS. The in-development version of Windows 8 on the tablet prototype loaner from the PDC earlier this year -- much easier on the brain when you can swipe and resize and tap to get to where you need.

Still, I'm not compelled to upgrade when I pit the new Windows and the upcoming devices to what's already available from Apple.

Upgrade? Doubtful. What about you?

Posted by Michael Domingo on 08/01/2012 at 11:59 AM

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