IT News Roundup, Oct. 31


This week: New-generation MCP; new MCTS and MCPD exam guides available; SQL Server 2005 released to manufacturing; Office gets BI role; more:

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Halloween Episode

Got a scary photo of you in a costume? I do. Send yours to me at mailto:[email protected] and I'll post them here next week. Be sure to include a caption including names identifying the characters in your pictures. (Photos will be posted at the discretion of the editors.)

Whoa! That's scary...

Listener's Note: Anyone who wants to participate in an MCP Radio/Redmond Radio giveaway can now enter in one of two ways. This is in response to one frequent listener of the show, Antonio, who found it prohibitive to call in to enter a contest on a weekly basis from overseas. In his honor, here's Antonio's Addendum to the MCP Radio/Redmond Radio giveaway rules:

  • Listeners in U.S. and Canada only: To participate, you must call in to 949-265-1512 (Irvine, California, so this call may be a toll call from your area) to enter the giveaway. One winner will be chosen at random among all U.S. and Canadian entries.
  • Listeners outside the U.S. and Canada: Listeners may call 949-265-1512 or e-mail me at [email protected] to receive that week's prize or a substitute prize that weighs less than 3 lbs. Prizes will be given to two groups: a). 1 Overseas Call-In will receive that week's prize or a substitute of equivalent value; b). 1 Overseas E-Mail Entrant will be chosen among all random entries to receive that week's prize or a substitute of equivalent value.
Total number of prizes given during a contest will be three (3) prizes, one for U.S. and Canadian call-in entries, one for overseas call-in entry, and one for overseas e-mail entry. As well, fewer prizes may be awarded if not enough entries are received in a category. Good luck and thanks for listening!

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