Security Watch

Corporate Data Slips Out Via Google Calendar

Plus: ethical hacking; ATM security; Yahoo's bad move?

Gartner Blows Virtual Gasket

Plus: RBO flaw in Groupwise; bad Google links; more.

Police Blotter: Ex-Employee Sued for Deleting Files

Plus: DOE data on the run; can a developer spec make for more secure applications?

Getting Back with MySpace

Plus: Web 2.0 leaks; Cisco's NAC problems are not a problem (we think).

Google Gets Hijacked!

OK, now that we have your attention, really it's that got scammed.

Raise Your Hand if You're Using ActiveX

If your hand is up, consider yourself open to attack.

U.K. Calls for Int'l Privacy Standards

Plus: McAfee's road to safe surfing, and Novell, OpenBSD buffers overflow aplenty.

Password Abuse Runs Rampant

One in five help desk calls related to passwords, says one study. Plus: Flaws in EMC NetWorker, GnuPG messaging.

Cisco's Switch Hitters

Switches and routers with NAM bound to be exploited. Also: InstallShield troubles and what Symantec is saying about Vista

RSS Feeds That Leave You Open?

Maybe not, but trust only what you know. Also: beware the danger inside virtual machines.

Everyone Is Fair Game in Storm Worm Attacks

Plus: A worm solution in search of a problem; spotty Sun Telnet; more

PCs Targeted by Hackers Every 39 Seconds

Plus Trend Micro flaw and patch, worm creator gets probation and anti-phishing methods prove ineffective.

Dutch Hackers Get Tap On Wrists

Also: BrightStor backup flaw patched; selling security online; TomTom offroaded by virus.

Swedish Bank Hit By 'Inside Job'

Also: Outlook data gets redirected; hackers can waltz in through your printers

16 Dirty Security Secrets

Also: breaking into a VPN; rootkit protection, more

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