DG Announces SANBackup for Large Scale NT Servers

Data General Corp.'s Clariion Storage Division (DG, unveiled its strategy to provide what it says is the industry's first family of full Fibre Channel-based Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions today at its corporate headquarters.

Hoping to solve large-scale NT server backup problems, Clariion SANbackup, which is available immediately, allows an organization to move its mission-critical data from disk to tape without impacting its enterprise network.

The company also discussed a roadmap for delivering open SAN solutions, including Clariion multi-host shared storage, by the end of 1999. These SAN solutions will allow organizations to share data stored on Clarrion full Fibre Channel arrays in multi-server platform environments, including NT and Unix.

``The Clariion SAN initiative launched today is the logical next step in the evolution that we began two years ago when Clariion shipped the industry's first full Fibre Channel storage products," says Joel Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager of the Clariion Advanced Storage Division of DG. ``By anticipating this next wave of storage interconnect, we have put the strategic elements of our business model in place to catapult Clariion into an early lead in what is now the most compelling trend in the industry today – the Storage Area Network."

Developed as a high-speed, open storage network solution, Clariion SANbackup enables users to free up client/server LAN resources from data backup and refocus those resources on business critical applications. Clariion SANbackup takes full advantage of IP over Fibre Channel, providing file level backup and recovery simultaneously to all servers in an enterprise.

Clariion SANbackup, which includes the Legato NetWorker data protection product suite, will leverage the Fibre Channel interface to achieve greater scalability and centralized management of data. With Clariion SANbackup, the addition of clients is simplified by the Fibre Channel connectivity and the management of the backup is centralized through SANbackup solutions. Clariion will continue to evolve the SANbackup solution providing investment protection and new server functionality, such as server-less backup. By not having the server in the data path, DG reports customers gain backup speeds exceeding one terabyte per hour.

Leveraging Clariion technology as well as proven products from key strategic partners, Clariion SANbackup delivers a solution for establishing a solid SAN infrastructure by bringing together key components, such as:

  • Backup NT Server-
  • size of this dedicated NT server is determined by the number of clients and amount of data to be backed up.
  • Tape Library
  • – size is based on the total disk capacity being managed and the operation's back-up policy.
  • Back up Software
  • – open back up software applications, provided by Legato Systems includes Legato Networker Power Edition v5.5 and database modules for Oracle, SQL and Microsoft Exchange;
  • Disk Storage for Back-up Application
  • – includes dedicated storage for back-up application use;
  • Hub Connectors
  • – used to configure Clariion SANbackup with its host clients.

-- Brian Ploskina

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