Oracle Offering Trading Post for Java Tools

There's nothing like competition to get those Java juices flowing. Oracle Corp. has announced a strategic plan for developers to dump their use of competing Java tools to get a "special promotional price" for Oracle's JDeveloper 2.0.

To get the development suite for $995 (regularly $2,995), developers can trade in their licensed copy of one of the following:

  • Asymmetrix Supercede
  • IBM VisualAge for Java
  • Borland JBuilder
  • Microsoft Visual J++
  • Symantec Visual Cafe

Oracle's JDeveloper Suite 2.0, which supports the development of Enterprise Java Beans, includes Oracle JDeveloper 2.0, Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition, Oracle JServer and Oracle Application Server. "We're confident that JDeveloper 2.0 leads all other Java development tools and we want to make it easy for all Java developers to prove this for themselves," says Sohaib Abbasi, senior vice president or Oracle's tools division, in a company release.

Oracle JDeveloper 2.0 is available today via the Oracle Technology Network (OTN, and the Oracle Store ( In addition to the migration package, developers gain access to OTN's technical resources including online code samples, technical documentation and newsgroups to share information on Java programming.

In related news, Oracle announced today the results of recent tests conducted by Sun Microsystems Inc.'s labs that show Oracle 8i has the ability to support over 5,000 concurrently connected users on a single server, without any significant increase in response time.

The tests were conducted over several days by Oracle and Sun engineers and showed scalability from hundreds of concurrent users on Windows NT and low-end Sun hardware to over 5,000 simultaneous users on higher-end Sun servers such as the E10000. More information on the scalability and testing results can be found on Oracle's Web site ( -- Brian Ploskina

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