Microsoft Releases XML Developer Kit

Continuing its heavy adoption of XML, Microsoft Corp. today made available the Microsoft Windows DNA XML Developer Resource Kit CD. The Kit features new technologies as well as code samples, tools, XML and XSL reference guides and other resources to help developers use XML in Windows DNA-based application development.

Included with the CD:

  • SQL Server XML Technology Preview -- Demonstrates XML capabilities using SQL Server and Internet Information Server that enable the use of familiar SQL statements to retrieve SQL Server data in XML format on the Web. More information is available at
  • BizTalk JumpStart Kit Update -- Provides easier integration of XML schemas and the BizTalk framework into current development projects, while helping developers utilize XML for e-commerce and application integration across organizations. More information is available at
  • Code Sample, Tools and Technical Articles -- There are more than 50 code samples that provide insight into how XML and XSL are used with Internet Explorer, Visual Studio and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Also featured are tools to help developers author XML documents and schemas, in-depth information on using XML applications, and background on XML support in current and future Microsoft products. More information is available at

Windows DNA is Microsoft's long-term strategy and architecture for developers to build robust, distributed, Web-based applications using the Windows architecture. The architecture uses a presentation layer based on Active Server Pages and IIS, a middle tier comprised of COM+, ADO, and Microsoft Message Queue, and a backend utilizing SQL Server and/or DBMS.

Microsoft has already released XML for SQL Server 7.0 as a download that provides some basic functionality on top of SQL Server. The download can be found at the Microsoft Web site ( -- Brian Ploskina

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