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  • NetApp and Veeam Solutions for Data Protection

    Protect your critical business data with NetApp® and Veeam® Solutions that can help meet your business demands for faster recovery, higher storage efficiency, and risk avoidance. You will enhance application availability, simplify IT operational management, and lower costs when NetApp modern storage is paired with the Veeam Availability Suite™. Learn more.

  • A Practical Guide for Automating IT

    Embrace an approach that fully automates the delivery and management of infrastructure and application components, including network and security services to accelerate IT service delivery, and respond faster to the dynamic needs of a digital business. This practical guide shows you how. Learn more.

  • Automation in a Multi-Cloud World: The Key to Agility

    This 11-page white paper discusses the agility needs of today’s business, how IT is choosing a hybrid cloud approach to meet demand, and how hybrid cloud brings more agility but also increases management complexity in an environment that encompasses traditional architectures, private clouds, and public clouds. Learn more.

  • 4 Key Requirements to Automate Application Delivery

    Many IT organizations are moving towards automating IT processes to meet the increasing demands of the business. By implementing network virtualization with automation, you can empower your IT team to stay on pace with the expectations of your business. Learn the four key configuration requirements to accelerate application delivery. Learn more.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Software Suites, Q1 2016

    This Forrester report identifies and rates the nine most significant private cloud solution providers in the market. The research findings can help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals like you to select the optimum private cloud solution and customize criteria weightings to align with your own cloud initiatives. Download this report to get started now.

  • Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Management

    In this white paper we define the need for cloud management platforms, expand on the requirements and take a closer look at how other organizations are deploying cloud management platforms to improve management of the entire IT services delivery lifecycle. Learn more.

  • Veeam and NetApp Solutions: Customers Share Their Success Stories

    Together Veeam® and NetApp help organizations accelerate digital transformation, simplify IT operational management, lower costs and reduce risk. The combination of Veeam and NetApp offers high-performance storage with reliable data Availability that’s specifically designed for virtualized environments. Veeam and NetApp are united in one goal: To help our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most to them. Learn more.

  • Why Is It Important to Manage Backups in the Cloud?

    Read this GameChanger to find out what you need to know about new technology to help you make sure your data and applications in the cloud are backed up and available. Learn more.

  • What You Need to Know Before Starting an Exchange Server Migration

    Read this paper to find out about technology that can help with Exchange public folder migration by expediting the migration process and ensuring public folders remain accessible throughout the transition. Learn more.

  • Why Organization Still Struggle to Digitally Transform & Innovate

    Does the following describe your enterprise? 82% of enterprises are facing a gap between SLA’s that users demand and what IT can deliver. The average financial cost of Availability and Protection gaps for the enterprise is $21M. Learn more.

  • Reduce Risk and Ensure Resiliency in HPE's All-Flash Data Center

    Many enterprises grapple with this crucial question: How can I reduce risk & ensure resiliency, in my data center? Learn more.

  • Data Availability Without Limits

    We live in a world where “always-on” is a requirement for every business. With more applications being identified as mission- or business-critical, data protection and availability are more important than ever. Learn more.

  • Capacity Management in the Modern Data Center

    Capacity management has existed since the advent of server-based computing, dating back to the age of the mainframe. Commercial tools have existed for over 30 years with each successive generation of server platform creating its own unique requirements. This white paper explores the traditional methods of capacity management, the new approach IT must adopt to stay competitive and how you can assure application performance while scaling your infrastructure.

  • The Path to Hybrid Cloud

    The hybrid cloud has been heralded as a promising IT operational model enabling enterprises to maintain security and control over the infrastructure on which their applications run. At the same time, it promises to maximize ROI from their local data center and leverage public cloud infrastructure for an occasional demand spike. With public cloud advances and the ability to choose between a local data center and multiple public cloud offerings, one fundamental question must still be answered: What, When and Where do you run workloads to guarantee performance while maximizing the efficiency. Read now!

  • The CIO Guide to Autonomic IT

    Organizations are adopting cloud computing to accelerate service delivery. Some try to deliver cloud economies of scale in their private data centers with the mantra “automate everything,” a philosophy often simpler in theory than practice. Others have opted to leverage public cloud resources for the added benefit of the pay-as-you-go model, but are finding it difficult to keep costs in check. Regardless of approach, cloud technology poses the same challenge IT has faced for decades: how to assure application performance while minimizing costs. Learn more.