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  • Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

    Find out how Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka lets you modernize existing systems and deliver real-time experiences. Your download awaits.

  • The business value of Red Hat Runtimes

    Find out the results of IDC's study of Red Hat Runtimes for developing and running applications across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML environment

    Learn about key considerations and technologies for creating an effective AI/ML environment based on Red Hat OpenShift.

  • The cloud-native journey

    Find out why Finextra believes hybrid cloud and open source go hand-in-hand by downloading this report.

  • The business value of Red Hat OpenShift

    According to IDC analysts, organizations see significant value from using Red Hat OpenShift, such as 636% five-year ROI and 29% faster application development life cycles.

  • Kaloom and Red Hat: A unified solution for the distributed edge

    Find out more about Kaloom and Red Hat's unified 5G edge solution for network, compute, and storage. Your download awaits.

  • 2021 cloud-native development outlook

    In this Red Hat report, learn how organizations are adopting cloud-native development—and the resulting benefits and challenges.

  • Deliver innovative applications faster

    Red Hat and IBM offer a managed application platform service that lets your organization focus on delivering business value.

  • Fortify Active Directory to Improve Security and Efficiency

    Security and efficiency are top of mind for identity and access management (IAM) leaders, especially as they seek solutions to stave off breaches and grapple with enabling zero trust. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD may be your most important security tool. As the traditional perimeter dissolves into the cloud and distributed computing, how can AD/Azure AD fill the gap? Read this analyst Technology Spotlight, written by IDC’s Jay Bretzmann and Frank Dickson, to get an overview of how organizations can extend the capabilities of AD/Azure AD to limit cybersecurity vulnerabilities and bolster IT security.

  • BlueVoyant’s Modern SOC Executive Summary eBook

    Operationalize Your Microsoft 365 Security Capabilities and Stay Secure. Download the eBook today to understand the full scale and capabilities of the BlueVoyant Modern SOC. Company exposure today can appear in many different sizes and forms, resulting in a breach that can cost your organization millions of dollars. With BlueVoyant’s Modern SOC, you can stay secure by operationalizing the fully integrated Microsoft 365 security capabilities while utilizing our complete portfolio of security focussed services designed to come to you.

  • Uniting Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with Microsoft® Azure Sentinel and Microsoft® Defender XDR

    While other MSSP require data to be sent to their infrastructure and data centers for analysis, BlueVoyant’s service allows you to keep your data in your own environment, reducing cost, and ensuring stronger compliance. BlueVoyant’s Modern SOC provides a complete portfolio of Microsoft security-focused services, including a customized deployment of Microsoft security tools, ongoing platform care and maintenance, and 24/7 security operations as a service.

  • 7 Experts on Implementing Azure Sentinel

    One big challenge for many security teams is consolidating and analyzing the data generated in a networked environment. Organizations attempt to address this challenge by using a security information and event management (SIEM) system to collect that data for analysis. In addition to being a best-in-class SIEM system, Azure Sentinel is a platform for security orchestration, automation, and response capable of automating playbooks; monitoring both Windows and Linux environments; and monitoring Amazon, Google, and Azure clouds—and that’s just for starters. Find out what advice our seven security experts give on transitioning to and optimizing the Azure Sentinel solution.

  • 7 Experts on Adopting Microsoft 365 Defender

    Microsoft has invested heavily in its security offerings so that they now provide among the best protection available today. Microsoft 365 Defender is a suite of integrated tools for protecting endpoints, Office 365 applications, identities, and cloud applications. People with existing Microsoft E5 licenses may not even know that all these tools are already available to them as part of their license. Find out what advice our seven security experts give on transitioning to and optimizing the Microsoft 365 Defender suite of tools.

  • Conversational Teams Management and Migration

    The pandemic forced many of us to quickly adopt solutions such as Microsoft Teams without having the luxury of having enough time for careful planning. This eBook provides a deep dive into Teams – what the native tools are and are not capable of, and why you may need to take a step back and consider the risks posed by your current Teams deployment.

  • Deploy Microsoft Teams the Right Way - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

    Microsoft Teams plays the role of the Great Unifier for your organization. By training, you would read up on, talk about and experiment with such pervasive technology, right? If only there were time for that. This eBook explores five commonly overlooked artifacts of adopting Teams.