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  • A Practical Approach to Cyber Resiliency

    Read this white paper to discover how attack path management works and how you can quickly implement it. You’ll also learn how to complement attack path management with other key strategies to achieve not just cyber security, but cyber resiliency.

  • Government Agency Enhances Cybersecurity

    At one state Department of Transportation, the Great Retirement in the wake of the pandemic meant the loss of a number of experienced IT pros. The complexity of their long-established Activity Directory made one fact abundantly clear: The IT team didn’t know what they didn’t know — and those unknowns were putting security, business continuity and compliance at risk.

  • Microsoft Active Directory Backup and Recovery - Five Times Faster!

    ESG validated how Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition (RMADDRE) simplifies, accelerates, and automates backup and recovery of Microsoft Active directory. The solution achieved higher levels of performance thanks to automation. It also provided flexibility and reduced the risk of reintroducing malware.

  • Ultimate Cyber-Resiliency: a guide to combatting AD security villains

    Defend your hybrid Active Directory from risks, threats and disaster.

  • Don't let the retirement crisis become a security crisis

    Strategies for keeping your Active Directory secure, even as the Baby Boomers who manage it retire in droves.

  • 7 reasons you need a third-party telephony integration for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is great, but you can make it even better. This Ebook covers seven critical reasons to integrate Microsoft Teams with a third-party cloud telephony solution.

  • Why third-party Teams telephony solutions lead the market

    85% of organizations that integrate telephony into Teams choose a third party. Learn why third-party Teams telephony solutions lead the market. This white paper covers Microsoft Teams telephony options and what is right for your business. It also provides information on what to look for in a third-party Teams telephony solution.

  • GBBN Architects Improves Work-Life Balance With Egnyte

    Securely manage Distributed Team & Project Data. GBBN Architects replaced on-premises file storage with Egnyte to support its growing volume of data and a team of more than 150+ employees distributed across several states. Learn why this AEC firm chose Egnyte and how they improved file access, security, and management to save time and increase productivity.

  • Unify, Protect, and Control Project Documents and Data

    A guide to improving visibility and productivity throughout a project lifecycle. Read this paper to understand common use cases for tackling data challenges, and the benefits associated with employing a unified solution. Learn how to unify teams and project documents, provide remote teams' easy file access and upload capabilities, maintain document controls, and ensure document security.

  • One Platform to Unify, Protect, and Control Documents

    AEC companies need simple, secure file sharing solutions to find the right data at the right time. Built to meet the needs of designers and builders, the Egnyte platform unlocks the value of data to accelerate productivity in the office and the field throughout a project's lifetime.

  • The Mitre Att&ck Under the Microscope

    Increasingly complex threats are becoming more challenging to defend against. Advanced persistent threats are growing stronger and continuing to plague enterprises. Mitre Corp's ATT&CK framework aims to help organizations understand the different methods malicious actors use to compromise network security. Using the framework, enterprises can discover the ways their networks can be exploited, carry out adversary emulations, and learn mitigation and prevention strategies.

  • Enhancing Teams with Enterprise-Grade Telephony

    Microsoft Teams is the collaboration application of choice for many businesses. It was a critical tool for making remote work a success when employees shifted to working from home. While Teams provides many essentials for collaboration, one feature has left many organizations hungry for a better solution: telephony. The built-in telephony features in Teams often don’t meet the needs of modern-day enterprises. This causes them to explore alternatives.

  • How to Detect and Respond to Cryptojacking Attacks

    In a time when the world was shoring up its defenses against ruthless ransomware attacks, attackers found a way to reap profits by stealthily mining currency from unsuspecting victims. That's why the year 2021 saw a new record of 97.1 MILLION cryptojacking attacks. In this e-book, we break down the various aspects associated with cryptojacking. Learning about this will help you understand how to combat and curb cryptojacking.

  • 2023 Ransomware Trends Report - North America Edition

    Ransomware is a problem that everyone has but no one wants to talk about publicly. We asked 350 IT leaders from organizations of all sizes to open up and tell us what it was like to survive a cyber attack.

  • 2023 Ransomware Trends Executive Summary

    Ransomware is a problem that everyone has but no one wants to talk about publicly. We asked 1,200 IT leaders from organizations of all sizes to open up and tell us what it was like to survive a cyber attack.