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  • Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

    Read this insightful white paper to explore best practices for preventing healthcare data breaches. It focuses on implementing appropriate strategies, policies, processes, training and cybersecurity defenses. Learn more.

  • Auditing Privileged Operations and Mailbox Access in Office 365

    In this new paper, learn best practices to protect and audit Exchange Online data within Office 365 – and how to easily answer the tough auditing questions. Learn more.

  • Keeping Active Directory Healthy and Fine Tuned

    Discover the best ways to optimize your AD. Learn about the strengths and limitations of native tools, critical components and services to monitor and beneficial third-party solutions. Learn more.

  • Building Defenses Against Ransomware

    There is no effective “kill switch” for ransomware. But do not give up hope. Read this white paper to learn about steps you can take to protect your systems, data and business. Learn more.

  • NEED FOR SPEED: Data Recovery in a Non-Stop World

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out about data recovery technology that works across multiple hypervisors, works across monitoring vendors, management vendors, and data protection vendors, and recovers OS volume to a new target machine. Learn more.

  • Cost Optimization with Amazon Web Services

    This white paper explores how to leverage Turbonomic to assure performance and lower costs, while maintaining compliance for your AWS environment. Learn more.

  • Migrating to Exchange Online and Office 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Don’t migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online or Office 365 without first reading our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Get your free copy and learn how to leverage these platforms to boost organizational productivity. Get your free copy!

  • Best Practices for Migrating to Exchange 2016 and Office 365

    Mergers often help healthcare organizations improve business practices, but they create special challenges for IT. See how technical staff can best handle the complexity of healthcare mergers and acquisitions – read this white paper today.

  • Best Practices for Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions: How to Restructure and Modernize Active Directory and Exchange

    Mergers often help healthcare organizations improve business practices, but they create special challenges for IT. See how technical staff can best handle the complexity of healthcare mergers and acquisitions – read this paper today. Learn more.

  • How to Optimize Your AD for Windows Server 2016

    It may be tempting to rush to implement some of the new capabilities of Windows Server 2016. But, administrators should evaluate the health and readiness of their Windows Active Directory (AD) environments first, and take steps to minimize the migration’s impact. Learn more!

  • Surviving Migration to Office 365 — An IT Pros Guide

    Microsoft Office 365 is robust and flexible – but are you ready for a migration? Download this e-book and get the info you need to plan a successful migration to and from Office 365. Get your free copy!

  • What’s New with Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Office 365

    Find out the 14 most valuable changes in Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Office 365. Whether you’re considering a migration, looking for talking points or just satisfying your curiosity, this e-book has you covered. Learn more!

  • Best Practices for Migrating Notes Email to Exchange and Office 365

    Explore this insightful white paper to learn about the seven key steps for a seamless, efficient migration from IBM Notes to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, along with the associated best practices. Learn more.

  • Transform IT and Reduce Risk With FlexPod Converged Infrastructure and Availability Software

    With application and data growth accelerating across enterprise data center environments, it is critically important for businesses adopting converged infrastructure systems to modernize their application Availability capabilities at the same time. By leveraging Availability software with FlexPod, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, increase IT automation, mitigate risk and improve the return on their IT investments. Learn more.

  • Veeam Availability for the Always-On Enterprise for NetApp E-Series

    With data growing at astounding rates, IT managers are depending more and more on reliable backup and recovery of their data. High-growth businesses require a complete data protection solution that is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Virtualizing an environment provides increased levels of data Availability, but the need to meet aggressive RPOs and RTOs becomes increasingly difficult. Traditional backup tools were not created for virtualized environments. Learn more.