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  • Common Culprits for Unexpected AWS Cost Spikes

    AWS offers a myriad of innovative services, but it can be hard to estimate the costs for some of these solutions. Here are five services to keep close tabs on throughout your cloud journey.

  • Your Cheat Sheet to Amazon Cloud Storage Pricing

    To help you understand the costs of your cloud services, we’ve created a pricing cheat sheet of the three most common AWS cloud storage services: object storage (S3), block storage (EBS), and file storage (EFS).

  • Benchmark Your Cloud Maturity: A Framework for Best Practices

    The biggest challenges for organizations that embrace the public cloud are often related to people and processes, not technology. This whitepaper lays out a framework for best practices in cloud operations, cost management, and security.

  • AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices to Lower Your Cloud Bill

    This paper outlines best practices to establish a cloud financial management practice to reduce AWS costs, and guidance on how AWS customers use a cloud financial management solution to execute that practice.

  • 7 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup

    You have one more reason added to the 6 critical reasons to protect your Office 365 data. This 5-minute read document helps you convince your managers and peers that your organization needs Office 365 data protection.

  • Hybrid Cloud Guide

    With so many organizations looking to find ways to embrace the public cloud without compromising the security of their data and applications, a hybrid cloud strategy is rapidly becoming the preferred method of efficiently delivering IT services. This Hybrid Cloud Guide aims to provide you advice on how to begin building your own cloud strategy.

  • Achieve Audit-Readiness for Security Standards Compliance

    How to monitor and prove your organization’s compliance with ISO 27001, CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, DISA STIG, GDPR, BSI IT-Grundschutz, Cyber Essentials, and vendor guidelines on VMware, AWS and Kubernetes.

  • Unified Customer Data for a Unified Customer Experience Report

    Whether it’s implementing self-service as their number one operational challenge, or finding or figuring out how to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels, the survey we sent to contact center professionals showed contact center leaders understand the new and empowered consumer who wants efficient resolutions quickly that they are in control of at all times.

  • G2 2021 Winter Contact Center Operations Software Report

    In the most recent G2 2021 Contact Center Operations Software Report, UJET has once again been named a Leader in contact center operations. Based on actual product user reviews, G2 reports that UJET consistently receives the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry, beating out major players such as Talkdesk, Genesys, NICE inContact, and Five9.

  • The U.S. Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide

    The US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide (2021) is the industry’s most comprehensive annual report studying the performance, operations, technology and workforce aspects of the US contact center operations. It delivers insight and analysis to help contact center leaders stay competitive and ahead of the trends in today’s smartphone era CX.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Plan to survive and thrive in the face of natural and man-made data disasters with this comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan Template. Inventory your organization’s IT infrastructure and critical information, and develop a detailed plan to recover and restore service.

  • Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Guide

    Spear phishing emails remain a top attack vector for the bad guys, yet most companies still don’t have an effective strategy to stop them. This enormous security gap leaves you open to business email compromise, session hijacking, ransomware and more. Don’t get caught in a phishing net! Learn how to avoid having your end users take the bait.

  • How to Plan and Manage Your Hardening Project

    This Whitepaper is a must for IT and Security experts planning a hardening project. Hardening professionals’ years of experience are brought to in few pages. This Whitepaper brings practical advice for a successful hardening.

  • Preparing for Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

    Defending your IT infrastructure against attack has never been a simple task. But things have taken a decidedly ugly turn of late: More and more attacks are simply seeking the total annihilation of your infrastructure. Any organization can be a target - or simply collateral damage from an attack targeting someone else.

  • Conversational Teams Management and Migration

    The pandemic forced many of us to quickly adopt solutions such as Microsoft Teams without having the luxury of having enough time for careful planning. This eBook provides a deep dive into Teams – what the native tools are and are not capable of, and why you may need to take a step back and consider the risks posed by your current Teams deployment.