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  • Veeam Availability Platform Designs for Ransomware Resiliency Series

    In this new white paper, Veeam® Availability Platform designs for ransomware resiliency series, Veeam offers sound tips for adding ransomware resiliency so you can provide the best levels of Availability for critical applications and data. Learn more.

  • Availability in the Digital Age - Veeam Drives Customer Success

    Veeam® Availability solutions drive customer success, but don’t just take it from us! Get a closer look at customer feedback and results while navigating through today’s most important technology trends and challenges such as multi-cloud, modern storage, backup appliances, converged infrastructure and ransomware. Learn more.

  • Best Practices in Cloud-Powered Data Protection

    Backup and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today, in large part due to the operational agility and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides. But protecting organizational data in the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Learn more.

  • Availability for Today’s Multi-Cloud Enterprise

    In today's era, organizations are increasingly adopting multiple cloud services, including public, private and hybrid clouds to meet increased agility, innovation and cost management goals. Veeam® ensures Availability in these environments by providing data protection to, from and within multi-cloud environments. Learn more.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Know About Data Reduction Techniques!

    It seems that sometimes data deduplication is a panacea, but in fact it is not. This paper examines the trade-offs between data reduction techniques and the business value associated with the use of backup data for purposes other than backup restoration. Learn more.

  • 7 Reasons NOT to renew CommVault

    Why do more and more Commvault customers switch to Veeam®? Because Commvault does not meet the 24.7.365 Availability requirements businesses demand today, nor the ability to restore any IT service running in the hybrid cloud within seconds and minutes. In order to achieve digital transformation, business continuity and increased agility, businesses are encouraged to switch from traditional legacy backup solutions. Learn more.

  • ROBOs at Risk: Ensure Availability to Mitigate Vulnerability

    Remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations have long suffered from neglect when it comes to IT — out of sight, out of mind. Not prioritized, ROBOs are getting attention only when something is seriously wrong. However, ROBO environments handle mission-critical data just like the rest of the organization, and therefore data management must be treated equally important. Learn more.

  • What’s New in Active Directory

    While Active Directory (AD) has been around since Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft has continued to make adjustments and introduce features in newer Windows Server releases, especially in Windows Server 2012. What’s New in Active Directory 2016 covers different AD features and the requirements to enable them. Learn more.

  • Business Disaster Recovery Strategies: Succeeding Where the Odds Say You Will

    Disasters can strike anywhere and at any time, often impacting organizations that cannot afford them. Read this white paper and learn how to plan for — and survive — a disaster-related outage. This paper will help you prepare for outages in your infrastructure by sharing disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Often, DR outages are not a complete outage, so being prepared with granularity in your DR strategies gives you flexibility. Learn more.

  • Multi-cloud Strategies Are on the Rise

    With most organizations currently using public cloud infrastructure in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), building an effective Availability strategy is becoming more and more of a priority. ESG recently surveyed 318 mid-market and enterprise IT decision makers in North America to better understand the current trend in adopting a multi-cloud strategy. Learn more.

  • Cloud IAAS Migrations Shouldn't be Guess Work

    Read this Digital Dialogue to learn about best practices for migrating VMs to Azure based on real-world experience including identifying applications and VMs, discovering VM/application dependencies, and analyzing costs and risks. Learn more.

  • Ransomware and Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know

    Is your company using Microsoft Office 365 for Business? As the number of businesses falling victim to ransomware increases, you need to ensure your data is secure. This eBook is packed with security measures you can take to to fend off ransomware and keep your data secure and accessible at all times. Learn more.

  • The IT Admin’s Checklist for Complete Office-Wide Computer Security

    Information Technology administrator? Communicating the value of computer security best practices to your end users isn’t always easy. To help end users better understand the value of safety over convenience, check out this guide packed with information on password and email best practices, as well as web and network security do’s and dont’s. Learn more.

  • Return of the Data - Backupify for Office 365

    Jedi, guardians of peace, are constantly seeking new knowledge to improve themselves and the world around them. So too should guardians of the data, the administrators of Office 365, learn everything there is to know about the cloud-based solution in order to ensure business critical files are safe from harm. With this eBook, get the facts straight on data backup and restore within Office 365 and go from data Youngling to data Master today. Learn more.

  • Security Brief - Security Challenges in the New Threat Landscape

    Read this security brief to find out about CounterTack’s Endpoint Threat Platform, which empowers security teams by providing intelligence needed to prioritize threats, and agile and proactive threat management strategies. Learn more.