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  • Stay Within the Lines: Enforcing Compliant Electronic Communications in Financial

    Read this GameChanger to learn how to stay leverage the power of social media and other forms of new communications while meeting regulatory guidelines. Read now!

  • Active-Active Replication: Considerations for High Availability

    As your organization’s data becomes more and more critical, you need a way to ensure it’s never compromised by unscheduled downtime – due to a system crash or malfunction – or scheduled downtime – due to patches or upgrades to Oracle, the operating system, or applications, and storage replacement. In this educational paper, you’ll gain step-by-step guidance to easily achieve high availability using active-active replication, also known as peer-to-peer, master-to-master, active-active, or multi-active server replication. Read now!

  • Meeting Your Data-Sharing Needs Now that Oracle® Streams is Deprecated

    Now that Oracle has formally announced the deprecation of Oracle Streams, Oracle Database Advanced Replication, and Change Data Capture in Oracle Database 12c, what’s the best alternative? SharePlex. This technical brief details why SharePlex is the best and most comprehensive solution for all your future data-sharing needs. Read now!

  • Zero Impact Database Migration

    Migrating data from one platform to another requires a lot of planning. Some traditional migration methods are easy to use, but they only work for migrations on the same platform. Quest® SharePlex® can replicate data across platforms, from Oracle to SQL Server, with next to no downtime, offering a flexible, low-cost alternative. Read now!

  • Simplify Your Migrations and Upgrades

    You can say “migrations and upgrades” to a database administrator (DBA) or systems administrator, but what they usually hear is “risk and downtime". This e-book shows you how to simplify the migration and upgrade process so you can avoid the risk, downtime and long hours normally associated with database migrations and upgrades. Read now!

  • Close the Gap Between Scale-up and Scale-out Infrastructure

    Scalable infrastructure has helped companies in industries from financial services to online gaming save time, money, gain agility and speed. Learn how Red Hat® technologies can help your organization deploy apps faster and create deliver products to market faster.

  • Container Storage for Dummies

    Containers are highly flexible and bring incredible scale to how apps and storage are delivered; traditional storage can be the bottleneck that stops this progress. The underlying storage should be highly elastic, easily provisioned by developers and admins, and, ideally, managed using the same orchestration framework (like Kubernetes).

  • IDC: The Importance of Virtualization in the Modern DataCenter

    In this paper, IDC details the role virtualization will play in the software-defined datacenter, the cloud, and cloud-native application technology like containers.

  • ROI Calculation for Network Monitoring Software

    When evaluating monitoring software, it would be interesting to know how long it would take until the purchase price of the software is regained by the various benefits of the software. Read on to learn how.

  • Tech Trends Impacting Your ITAM Program

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out how automated solutions can help IT asset managers keep up to date on software licenses for clients and servers and manage endpoints including BYOD tablets and smartphones. Read now!

  • What is Robotic Process Automation?

    Download this paper to learn about robotic process automation, including how it differs from other types of automation, how it’s being used, and how it can transform your business. Read now!

  • Office 365: Conquer Cross-Tenant Migration Obstacles

    Read this paper to find out what you need to do to overcome cross-tenant migration obstacles including avoiding end user work disruptions, orchestrating email workloads during migration, and improving the user experience. Read now!

  • Improving Business by Improving Fax

    Fax is still a vital means of communication within core businesses processes. Read this white paper to learn how to reduce fax-related costs, repurpose IT resources to core business, consolidate servers and much more! Read now!

  • Should You Really Change Your Password Every 90 Days?

    Some big organizations are actively starting to question the 90 day password rotation rule. Discover the rationale behind this change in IT security practice. Learn more!

  • Managing Windows with Puppet Enterprises

    Learn how to use Puppet Enterprise to deploy Windows servers, install software across multiple machines, deploy ASP.NET websites, manage software patches, run PowerShell scripts, and even launch Windows Azure virtual machines. This ebook provides step-by-step instructions for doing all that and more. Written by Puppet’s top Windows specialists, it features Puppet code snippets, instructions on how to use Puppet Windows modules and advice for configuring and maintaining your Windows infrastructure. Learn more!