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  • 9 Ways to Stay Undefeated Against Disasters

    At $9,000 a minute, downtime is expensive and IT managers need to do everything they can to increase uptime. Even just a 1% increase in uptime can save your company millions in negative business impacts. Learn the 9 steps you can take to protect against downtime. Read on.

  • 5 Security and Efficiency Tools Every Hybrid Office 365 Enterprise Must Have

    Microsoft’s move to the cloud has left enterprises searching for Tools to streamline Office 365 or Hybrid Administration. This interactive Whitepaper will describe and demonstrate 5 Must have Tools for any Office 365 Enterprise customer. Read on.

  • For Dummies Guide: Securing Privileged Access in Active Directory

    The eBook helps organizations and administrators focus on the key aspects of securing privileged accounts. Merely securing privileged accounts goes only so far because changes can be made to secured accounts nearly within seconds, making them insecure again. So, securing privileged accounts is only one part of your responsibility; you must also monitor changes to those accounts. Read on.

  • Tackling Office 365 Deployment

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out how to make Office 365 adoption a win-win for both IT and end users, including configuring email and other apps so they work more like the on-premises Office. Read on.

  • That Insecure Feeling About Office 365 Email Security and Resilience

    Mimecast research finds that over 9 in 10 companies adopting Office 365 will use some kind of third party solution to augment built in capabilities. Learn the keys to realizing the benefits of Office 365. Learn more.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

    Reserved instances can appear complicated, but finding a solution that best suits your company doesn't mean becoming an expert yourself; you just need to know how to approach RIs and where they can make the biggest impact. Learn more.

  • 5 Pitfalls to Avoid If You Are Concerned That Your BC/DR Strategy is Inadequate

    With disruptive events on the rise, including weather, cyberattacks, and employee negligence, having the right Business Continuity strategy has never been more important. This whitepaper covers the 5 most common reasons BC/DR plans fail. Learn more.

  • Preparing for Exchange Online Unified Messaging Changes

    Read this report from Nathan O’Bryan, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging, on the end of support for Session Border Controllers connecting third party PBX products to Exchange Online. Find out the pros and cons of alternatives. Learn more.

  • Preventing a Ransomware Disaster

    Ransomware is a threat to businesses that costs millions of dollars each year and continues to grow in sophistication. Using a variety of attacks, including targeted emails and infected websites, criminals can inject malware into your network, which then holds your data or other systems hostage until you pay a ransom. It’s very difficult to block every ransomware attack, so many experts, including the FBI, advise organizations to have a layered defense with protected backups to enable a fast recovery. Learn more.

  • How to Install Spanning Backup for Office 365 in 58

    Start protecting your Office 365 data in less than a minute. In this video, we walk you through the incredibly easy process to install and configure your Spanning Backup for Office 365 trial. Learn more.

  • The Definitive Guide to Backup for Office 365

    Now that you’ve found the perfect productivity solution in the cloud, it’s time to get to know your options for keeping your data in Office 365 safe from loss. You may be surprised to discover that there are various options available to protect your Office 365 data. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that there are any at all. After all, doesn’t Microsoft protect your Office 365 data for you? Learn more.

  • 3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Office 365

    You’ve made the move to Office 365 to reap the benefits of the cloud. Now, to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands you need to protect your critical data from loss. Your responsibility to protect corporate data does not change when you migrate to Office 365. Microsoft provides platform protection to ensure they never lose your data, but they can’t protect your data from user mistakes, sync errors, or malicious behavior. Learn more.

  • IT Resilience: The Evolved Approach to a $700B Downtime Problem

    First there was Data Backup and Recovery. Then there was Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This White Paper defines the evolving next innovation in business protection – IT Resilience (ITR) – and why it’s growing more important to organizations struggling to protect their data and operations from downtime. Learn more.

  • Beat Ransomware in 5 Easy Steps

    The threat from ransomware continues to grow and has become so prolific that it is no longer a question of “if” you are going to get hit, but when. A solid backup vendor and process is the only protection from an attack, but not all backup vendors completely solve the issue. Get a playbook of five steps organizations should use to protect themselves from the excessive downtime, data loss and business disruption of a ransomware attack. Read on.

  • Myth vs. Reality: What You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 Backup (ebook)

    Read our eBook to learn how to broaden your backup and recovery plan to include purpose built protection for Microsoft Office 365. Learn more.